The front of Precision Bicycle

We are essentially a hobby shop run amuk. Anything we can do to get you on a bicycle that you can enjoy is what we’re all about. Whether it be a comfort bike for riding around the park or a full blown racer you wonder how you lived without for so long, we’ll fix you up. Don’t hesitate even for a second to ask for something you think we don’t handle.

If we can help, we will, even if on the rare occasion, it means recommending another shop. It’s our business to make you happy. When you’re not happy, we’re not happy and we both lose.

By the way, been in business since 1989 and we aren’t going to cash it in right away. We like what we do or we wouldn’t do it. There’s more money in buggy whips.

We can be reached at 1 (315) 822-4481 or by emailing

Enough about us. THANKS!

Precision Bicycle, 286 W. Main St., West Winfield, NY 13491 – 1 (315) 822-4481
The front of Precision Bicycle